Here's Everything You Need to Know About Cascatelli, the New "Perfect" Pasta Shape in Town

Three years ago, James Beard Award-winning podcaster Dan Pashman decided to create a new pasta shape, and after a lot of research and multiple trials, he’s finally succeeded. The entire process to create what he calls the perfect pasta shape is documented on a five-episode series on his podcast The Sporkful.


So, what makes this the “perfect” pasta shape? In an interview with Salon, Pashman says, “There's ‘forkability,’ which is how easy it is to get a pasta shape on your fork and keep it there. There's ‘sauceability,’ which is how well a sauce adheres to it. And then there is ‘toothsinkability,’ which is how satisfying it is to sink your teeth into. I mean, I basically made up these pseudoscientific words, but I think they capture a lot of what makes some pasta shapes better than others.”

Finally, he hit upon the perfect shape, which he calls cascatelli, meaning waterfalls. Pashman decribes the shape as a “curved comma or half a heart. On one side there's ruffles, and in the space between you've got a dugout, kind of a half-tube that just traps sauce in there.”

Pashman collaborated with artisan pasta brand Sfoglini to turn his pasta shape into one you can actually buy, and turns out, it’s a resounding success. All available boxes were sold out, leading to Sfoglini releasing a statement saying, “We're so grateful for the incredible response to our new pasta shape! Due to overwhelming demand, orders placed now for Cascatelli will ship in approximately 8-10 weeks. We really appreciate your patience. We promise it'll be worth the wait!”


Will we see it soon in India? We’re not sure, but we can’t wait to test the forkability, sauceability, and toothsinkability qualities of the cascatelli!