rum punch kit

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ready in 5 mins alcohol not included

A limited edition Comorin x Makery cocktail kit. This rum punch is a tiki-inspired blend of tropical fruit juices, kaffir lime, earl grey and aromatic bitters.

Your kit comes with the following:

rum punch (2 x 180 ml bottles), ginger ale (2 cans), dehydrated orange (garnish)

Alcohol is not included. You need to use white rum for this recipe. 

rum punch ginger ale dehydrated orange

recipe card for rum punch kit

Comorin's Beverage Manager, Varun Sharma, demonstrates how to create your delicious Rum Punch using the Comorin x Makery kit. 

Tools you'll need at home (not included in your kit): 

tall glasses, stirrer, lots of ice

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