goan vegetable & raw mango curry kit

indian accent x makery

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ready in 20 mins vegan gluten-free

Bring home a taste of the Goan tropics with this limited edition Indian Accent x Makery kit featuring sweet potato, baby brinjal and ivy cucumbers in a tangy Goan raw mango curry.

Ingredients included in your meal kit:

sweet potato, baby brinjal, ivy cucumber, goan curry paste, coconut milk, raw mango, pea shoots, basmati rice, canola oil, salt (optional)

sweet potato baby brinjal ivy cucumber goan curry paste coconut milk raw mango pea shoots basmati rice canola oil salt

recipe steps of goan prawn and raw mango curry

Every Makery kit includes:

✅ An easy to follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions.

✅ Perfectly portioned ingredients, prepped, safely packed and labelled for your convenience.

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