jackfruit saraman curry kit (v)

cambodian curry & rice

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ready in 30 mins vegan contains nuts

This rich and complex curry is served on special occasions in Cambodia. A cousin to Malaysia's Rendang and Thailand's Massaman curries, this vegan version of the recipe features jackfruit.

Ingredients included in your meal kit:

jackfruit, white basmati rice, canola oil, coriander stems, kaffir lime leaves, curry powder, saraman curry paste, coconut milk, light soy sauce, roasted cashews

jackfruit white basmati rice canola oil coriander stems kaffir lime leaves curry powder saraman curry paste coconut milk light soy sauce roasted chashews

Equipment you'll need at home (not included in your meal kit): 

1 non-stick pan, 1 small pot, rice cooker (optional), 2 serving bowls

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