spicy mapo tofu kit

soy mince & chilli oil

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ready in 40 mins vegan spicy

Make this spicy Sichuan classic at home with silken tofu, soy mince, and numbing chilli oil. We've added vegetables to round the dish out as a complete meal. Rice included!

Ingredients included in your meal kit:

silken tofu, soy granules, white basmati rice, canola oil, sesame oil, chilli oil, garlic, spring onion, baby corn, button mushrooms, carrot, yellow bell pepper, green bell pepper, dry red chilli, mapo tofu chilli paste, black bean paste, chinese wine, soy sauce, white pepper spice seasoning, corn flour, vegetarian oyster sauce, ginger, red bell pepper, sichuan peppercorn

silken tofu soy granules white basmati rice canola oil sesame oil chilli oil garlic spring onion baby corn button mushrooms carrot yellow bell pepper green bell pepper dry red chilli mapo tofu chilli paste black bean paste chinese wine soy sauce white pepper spice seasoning corn flour vegetarian oyster sauce ginger red bell pepper sichuan peppercorn 


recipe card of spicy mapo tofu kit

Equipment you'll need at home (not included in your meal kit): 

3 bowls (for ingredients), 1 cutting knife, 1 small pot (for boiling water), 1 rice cooker or cooking pot (for rice), 1 large saucepan or wok, 2 serving bowls

Every Makery kit includes:

✅ An easy to follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions.

✅ Perfectly portioned ingredients, prepped, safely packed and labelled for your convenience.