gochujang chilli udon noodles kit

with vegetables or chicken

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10 mins vegetarian spicy contains gluten

Gochujang—the spicy Korean chilli paste—adds fire to this dish of stir-fried udon, thick, chewy and incredibly satisfying noodles. Available vegetarian or with an optional chicken add-on.

Ingredients included in your meal kit:

steamed udon noodles, chopped ginger and garlic, gochujang korean chilli paste, cabbage & carrot mix, sesame oil & rice wine, light soy sauce, sesame seeds, canola oil, broccoli, spring onion, pok choy
Optional: cooked coarsely chopped chicken

Every Makery kit includes:

✅ An easy to follow recipe card with step-by-step instructions.

✅ Perfectly portioned ingredients, prepped, safely packed and labelled for your convenience.

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