Khade Masale Ka Bhuna Gosht

anoothi vishal x makery

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⏰ 15 mins
🍽 Serves 2 
🏷 Mutton, Dairy

Khade Masale Ka Bhuna Gosht is a very old recipe of the Mathur community of Old Delhi, and of the Kayasth community in general over vast parts of the Indo-Gangetic plain. It is a labour-intensive dish, involving a two-fold cooking process. Meat is first stewed or slow cooked on dum with onions and whole garam masala such as black cardamom, cloves, tej patta, cinnamon as also whole coriander seeds. Once it is slightly more than half-done, it is bhunoed or browned slowly in yoghurt to concentrate the flavours, and give us a rich and deep flavoured gravy.

In my family, this is a favourite recipe that has been cooked unaltered for at least 100-150 years. Other families in Delhi and UP too make this, sometimes with small variations but with the same basic recipe. One hypothesis is that the dish came about in the late-19th century, as a confluence between Mughal-style cooking, and European stews.

Chefs at Makery have worked their magic to present this as a DIY kit, reducing the cooking time, shortening the process, while keeping the essence and flavours of this historic dish intact.

- Anoothi Vishal

Note: This meal kit contains fresh ingredients. Refrigerate immediately and consume within 24 hours.