taiwanese three cup chicken kit

with jasmine rice

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ready in 30 mins chicken contains egg shellfish

A popular Taiwanese dish that features chicken in a darkly sweet, salty and spicy sauce courtesy 'three cups' of soy sauce, sesame oil and wine. Floral jasmine rice and crunchy toppings round the dish into a satisfying, full meal.

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Ingredients included in your meal kit:

diced chicken, coarsley chopped chicken, jasmine rice, egg, sesame oil, chopped ginger & garlic, chopped scallion, whole spices, marinated shiitake mushrooms, chinese wine, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, chilli paste, corn flour, carrot & corn, sesame seeds

diced chicken coarsley chopped chicken jasmine rice egg sesame oil chopped ginger and garlic chopped scallion whole spices marinated shiitake mushrooms chinese wine light soy sauce oyster sauce chilli paste corn flour carrot corn sesame seeds

recipe card of taiwanese three cup chicken

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